Less is More

access_time 2020-09-08T01:16:53.395Z face Murali Sundaram
LESS IS MORE In this Rotary Club of Baroda Sayajinagri, I shared 4 Ways to Simplify Life for a Long Lasting Happyness. Watch this full 40 mins talk and share your valuable comments below......

Take Control of Life in 47 Minutes

access_time 2020-08-29T01:07:45.772Z face Murali Sundaram
Take Control of your Day in 47 Minutes How you START your Day, determines how you END your Day. Practicing this very simple 37+10 Minutes Routine will help you to take full CONTROL of your Life....

6 Ways to Handle Self Criticism

access_time 2020-08-28T02:10:50.664Z face Murali Sundaram
6 Ways to Handle Self Criticism This video is for all those who criticize themselves a lot, put them down and feel bad about life. Watch this video how to get out of such negative critical thoughts and be happy....

Are you attending too many ZOOM meetings?

access_time 2020-08-20T01:36:30.103Z face Murali Sundaram
Are you Attending too many Zoom Meetings? Sometimes these online meetings are too exhausting. Watch this video on how you can learn how to be happy using ZOOM meeting features....

Why Himalayas is the best teacher

access_time 2020-08-14T02:46:04.94Z face Murali Sundaram
Why the Himalayas is the Best Teacher In the Video Interview, I shared why all of us must visit the Himalayas and why it is the best teacher for life... Watch the video and share your comments......
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