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Dear Friend,

My name is Murali Sundaram, popularly known as the Happyness Coach®.

First of all I would like to thank you for stopping by my website

Allow me to share with you how to double your income, lead a healthy family life and take your life to the next level

Do you know you can right now double your income & have a healthy, happy life with your loved ones by applying the same strategies of successful and happy people!

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to get rid of your financial crisis or emotional challenges that is causing all the stress & tension in life?

Here is the secret why many of us struggle in our life…

The No 1 reason for this Lack of Clarity

Money making is the easiest thing in life, but we are not clear how to make more money & manage that money.

Managing people around is actually very simple & easy but we complicate it with our expectations.

Taking care of your own mind and health is simple, but do not know how to control your tongue and your mind.

The BIG question on my client’s mind is…
“How can I make more money, live a happy life with my loved ones & Lead a happy life”

Many clients come to me & ask me that

There is too much TENSION in their business,

Money is NOT flowing smoothly,

Living every month is becoming a huge CHALLENGE,

No time to spend with family and children,

No time to even go for walking or jogging,

My mind is highly confused should I take up a new job / start a new business, should I even trust my gut

I have been working with more than 323,000 Business leaders and Professional for past 2 decades helping many make more money & become clear on what they want in life.

It took me more than 2 decades of personal coaching / working to finally figure out to how to make more money, build positive relationship with people & live a healthy life.

I want to share with you my 22+ years of expertise through my Unlimited Happyness Online University I have created.

It’s ACCESSIBLE Anywhere, Anytime It’s Quick and Easy to Learn and Apply the learnings in your daily LIFE

“Leaders are Learners and they invest every day 30-60 minutes for their mind control and business development”

All I am going to ask you is 5-10 minutes for your OWN Unlimited Happyness…

Do you have additional 5-10 minutes per day for your own Happyness? If Yes,

This is what you are DISCOVER in this ONLINE UNLIMITED HAPPINESS Private Community

Our Features

Monthly one challenge

Learn ONE Meditation every month and participate in a 30 day challenge along with other members


Learn every sunday 7am - 8 am IST on Business Growth, Spiritual and Personal Growth Techniques

BOOK Summaries

Quick, Easy to Understand 4 Book Summaries with 5-6 Actionable ideas every month


Participate in Weekly Online LIVE Q & A in Zoom and get your questions answered

Discussion Forums

Get access to discussion forums with coaches, mentors and fellow students across the world

Affordable Fee Structure

Learn from the best with at highly affordable tuition fee

Learn anywhere anytime

Learn at your own pace and speed at your own convenience from your home.

Learn from your home

No need to travel anywhere to learn. One stop solution for all your happyness needs

World-wide Network

Get connected to like minded people all across the globe and grow your connections

4 weeks 4 themes

Week 1 - Meditation

Week 2 - Spiritual Principles
Week 3 - Business Workshop
Week 4 - Clarity Debate
Week 5 - Book Review

Mastermind Community Worth of ₹ 2,37,000 at ₹ 77,000/-

Monthly Membership Fee: ₹ 3000/-(Plus GST)


About Me

Successful Entrepreneur, Speaker, Happyness Coach and International Trainer

Empowered more than 423,000 Entrepreneurs & Professionals on Happyness, Leadership & Money

Author of many best selling books as featured in Amazon

Head of Training for BNI India and Executive Director for BNI Chennai “A” region and has helped more than 800+ Entrepreneurs generate more than ₹ 2000 Crores of business

Personally created more than 1800+ Trainers and Coaches across 19 different countries

Specialist in Yogic Science, Neuro-science and Management science

Practitioner of Kriya Yoga, Swara Yoga and Gnana Yoga

Do you believe that universe appreciates action taker?

I am strong believer that action leads to success in life.

Ask yourself how your life will be 1 year from now if you don’t address your financial pros / cons.

What will happen if you don’t take care of your health and relationships today

We get frustrated & irritated on our inability to increase our quality of living, achieve our dreams & goals.

I am sure that you are someone who wants to achieve your goals, dreams & live a happy quality life.

Mastermind Community Worth of ₹ 2,37,000 at ₹ 77,000/-

Monthly Membership Fee: ₹ 3000/-(Plus GST)


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