SW Principle for Success

access_time 2021-03-21T02:38:20.396Z face Murali Sundaram
SW SW SW SW Technique for Success Do you face failure or rejection? Then watch this video and apply this simple and powerful SW technique. Share your comments and experiences below the video...

Do you have a TEAM

access_time 2020-12-03T01:46:50.688Z face Murali Sundaram
Do you have a TEAM? Would you like to know the secret of Winning Teams? Watch this short video to learn one important quality of all world-class championship teams. Remember, even your family is a team......

Gratitude vs Praise

access_time 2020-11-12T00:59:34.392Z face Murali Sundaram
Gratitude vs Praise I recently gave a talk at BNI Directors meeting sharing what is more important for leaders to get things done. Watch this video and share your comments below......

Why Daily Reading is Important for Leaders

access_time 2020-09-11T02:43:38.984Z face Murali Sundaram
Why Daily Reading is Important for Leaders? I was asked recently a question in my online session why do I read 200 pages per day and why it is important for leaders to do daily reading. Watch this short video and share your comments below....

Take Control of Life in 47 Minutes

access_time 2020-08-29T01:07:45.772Z face Murali Sundaram
Take Control of your Day in 47 Minutes How you START your Day, determines how you END your Day. Practicing this very simple 37+10 Minutes Routine will help you to take full CONTROL of your Life....
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