Are you taking the right decisions? - Read this story...

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Life is full of hard and easy decisions. Decision making is based on your value system.

You can make the hardest decision in no time if you know your values. You need to learn to spend more time on important decisions rather than difficult ones.

Here is an interesting story about decisions. Comment below your views/perspectives of life from the below story:

There were many red and yellow fishes in a pond They were friends with each other. One day two fishermen passed by that pond, and considering the number of fishes in the pond, one fisherman said to another fisherman,

"There are many fishes in the pond...we will catch them tomorrow." 

One red fish overheard this conversation and intimated this danger to all the fishes. All the red fishes decided to leave the pond in the night an advised the same to the yellow fishes but the yellow fishes said, "This pond has been our home. We are born here. We will not leave it any cost."

The red fishes left the pond in the night. The next day, the fishermen came, spread out their nets, and caught all the yellow fishes.

What do you think is the moral of this story and how we can apply this story in our daily life? Comment below...

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